NetFile Professional

State & Federal Compliance

NetFile Professional is a web-based, unlimited-user, data entry and report generation system for the financial and campaign management of California and Federal political committees. With NetFile Professional, users log into the system using any computer with an Internet connection. Once the appropriate passwords are entered, users then enter or review their campaign finance data.

NetFile Professional generates the following disclosure statements (in both paper and electronic filing formats):


  1. FPPC 401
  1. FPPC 460 A-1
  1. FPPC 496
  1. FPPC 410
  1. FPPC 461*
  1. FPPC 497
  1. FPPC 450
  1. FPPC 465
  1. FPPC 498
  1. FPPC 460
  1. FPPC 495

*Note: FPPC Form 461 can be generated in either of two ways - from the "ground-up", or simply extract data already contained in a PAC's FPPC Form 460.

Federal Election Commission

  1. FEC 1
  1. FEC 3X
  1. FEC 6
  1. FEC 3
  1. FEC 4
  1. FEC 5
  1. FEC 7
  1. FEC 9
  1. FEC 99

Internal Revenue Service

  1. IRS 990-EZ
  1. IRS 1099-MISC
  1. IRS 8872
  1. IRS 1096
  1. IRS 1120-POL
  1. IRS W-9


  1. CCDR PAC Report


  1. NC-3 Non-Candidate Report


  1. D-2 Report Of Campaign Contributions And Expenditures


  1. Committee Form 202


  1. Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Report

New York

  1. CF-01 Campaign Financial Disclosure Report

North Carolina

  1. Federal PAC Report


  1. ORESTAR Data Export


  1. DSEB 502


  1. SS-1135 Campaign Finance Report


  1. GPAC
  2. MPAC

Additional states available upon request. Contact us for details.


NetFile Professional is a subscription-based service. A subscription can be purchased on a per committee (or per major donor) basis with a Single Account License, or purchased in volume with a Volume Account License.

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