Data Protection & Privacy

Data Protection

With a disclosure package running on a stand-alone PC, your data is only as safe as your hard drive. Every hard drive manufacturer provides estimates on the AVERAGE number of hours of operation before your hard drive will fail. It WILL fail; it's only a matter of time. How often do you make backups of your hard drive?

With NetLobbyist, your data is backed up every night. Once a week, the data is permanently archived to CD's and shipped to a remote data vault for long-term storage. Wouldn't you feel better knowing your data was safe?


Almost every stand-alone disclosure product assumes the user sitting in front of the computer keyboard is the campaign treasurer. With NetLobbyist, you assign each user a separate "role" with the campaign. NetLobbyist "roles" include:

The client's administrative user can change a user's role at any time. A user can have different roles for different NetLobbyist accounts as well.

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