Pricing for NetLobbyist

Single Account License Pricing

Price: $3,000 per Single Account License

Payment is due at the time of account activation. The term of a Single Account License is one year from the date you register for the account. Features of the Single Account License:

  • Includes unlimited e-mail based technical support
  • Includes access for an unlimited number of users
  • Includes unlimited telephone technical support

This entitles the holder of a Single Account License to unlimited access to NetFile technical support staff by phone during business hours.

The Single Account License covers a single NetLobbyist account for the following filer types:

* A California Lobbying Firm may file on the behalf of up to 10 clients filing FPPC Form 635. Filing on the behalf of additional clients will require the purchase of an additional Single Account License or upgrading to a Volume Account License.

Volume Account License Pricing

Volume Account Prices:

  1. 5-Pack License: $6,825
  2. 10-Pack License: $11,250
  3. 15-Pack License: $15,000
  4. 20-Pack License: $17,000
  5. 25-Pack License: $18,500
  6. 35-Pack License: $23,500
  7. 50-Pack License: $29,000
  8. 100-Pack License: $50,000

All NetFile Volume Account Licenses are effective from February 1st through January 31st. If a Volume Account License is purchased mid-year, the face value of the Volume Account License is pro-rated from the date of sign-up to January 31st. All NetFile Volume Account Licenses include:

  • Unlimited telephone technical support during business hours
  • Unlimited e-mail based technical support
  • 24/7 Emergency response support
  • Complete access to the NetFile Self-Service Administration System (which allows the client's administrative user to create and manage their NetFile accounts, users, and user permissions as desired)

The Volume Account License covers any combination of the following NetFile Professional/NetLobbyist filer types:

Note: California statewide constitutional candidates and U.S. Senate candidates are considered the equivalent of a 5-Pack License. Federal congressional candidates require the equivalent of 2 licenses. For other types of heavy-volume committees (i.e. committees with 250,000 or more transactions in their account database), please contact NetFile Sales for a price quote.

* A California Major Donor which has a requirement to also file California Lobbyist statements, receives a complementary license to file on the behalf of their own organization and internal lobbyists.

** Each California Lobbying Firm license allows filing on the behalf of up to 10 clients filing FPPC Form 635.

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