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  • Form 801 = Payment to Agency
  • Form 802 = Ceremonial Role Events and Ticket/Pass Distributions
  • Form 803 = Behest Payment Report
  • Form 804 = New Positions
  • Form 806 = Public Official Appointments
  • Amd? = Amendment Filed

Searches for filed statements can be made by document description, date filed and form type.

Searches are case-insensitive. Searching for 'Arena' would match all descriptions with the word 'arena' in it. A good rule of thumb is to enter only a small part of a description at first, then repeat with a longer portion of the description to reduce the number of matching results.

Activity/Payment/Post Date

By default, only reports with activity dated within the current year are displayed in the search results.

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5/14/20195/2/2019FPPC 802Hughes, Lisa2019 Orange County Human Relations Awards DinnerNoView PDF
4/30/20194/30/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/30/20194/30/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel Stadium NoOffice
4/29/20194/12/2019FPPC 801Hughes, LisaHalf Day Leadership Opportunity with the Disney Institute NoView PDF
4/29/20193/28/2019FPPC 802Hughes, LisaOrange County Trauma Intervention Program Heroes with Heart Awards DinnerNoView PDF
4/29/20194/7/2019FPPC 802Hughes, LisaAnaheim Public Library Foundation Annual Mystery Authors LuncheonNoView PDF
4/25/20194/25/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel StadiumNoView PDF
4/24/20194/24/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel Stadium NoView PDF
4/23/20194/23/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/22/20194/22/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/21/20194/21/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/20/20194/20/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/19/20194/19/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/18/20194/18/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/13/20194/13/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
4/10/20194/10/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/9/20194/9/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/8/20194/8/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/7/20194/7/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/6/20194/6/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
4/6/20194/6/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/5/20194/5/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
4/5/20194/5/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoView PDF
4/4/20194/4/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel StadiumNoView PDF
4/3/20194/3/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/30/20193/30/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/30/20193/30/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/28/20193/28/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/28/20193/28/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/25/20193/25/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoOffice
3/25/20193/25/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel StadiumNoView PDF
3/24/20193/24/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoOffice
3/24/20193/24/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaStadiumNoOffice
3/24/20193/24/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaAngel StadiumNoView PDF
3/22/20193/22/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/22/20193/22/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/21/20192/7/2019FPPC 802Hughes, Lisa2019 OC Business Council Installation of OfficersNoView PDF
3/21/20193/17/2019FPPC 802Hughes, LisaBoys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim GalaNoView PDF
3/21/20193/2/2019FPPC 802Hughes, LisaAnaheim Family YMCA Inaugural GalaNoView PDF
3/21/20193/14/2019FPPC 802Hughes, LisaSt Judge Medical Center Neighbors Helping Neighbors DinnerNoView PDF
3/20/20193/20/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/20/20193/20/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/17/20193/17/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/17/20193/17/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/16/20193/16/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/15/20193/15/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/15/20193/15/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/14/20193/14/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice
3/14/20193/14/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoView PDF
3/12/20193/12/2019FPPC 802Sudduth, AmandaHonda CenterNoOffice

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