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193825612Simmons for City Council 202010/22/2020FPPC 460Original  ( 09/20/2020 to 10/17/2020 ) E-Filing
193816238Simmons for City Council 202010/22/2020FPPC 460 Amendment1  ( 07/01/2020 to 09/19/2020 ) E-Filing
193690299Simmons for City Council 202010/20/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684959-KE  E-Filing
193555256Simmons for City Council 202010/15/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal815993-AG  E-Filing
193402591Simmons for City Council 202010/08/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684940-KE  E-Filing
193299438Simmons for City Council 202010/05/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal346486-MA  E-Filing
193256887Simmons for City Council 202010/02/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal815806-KE  E-Filing
193155137Simmons for City Council 202009/29/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal815701-MC  E-Filing
193054288Simmons for City Council 202009/25/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal905811-AA  E-Filing
192991946Simmons for City Council 202009/24/2020FPPC 460Original  ( 07/01/2020 to 09/19/2020 ) E-Filing
192938130Simmons for City Council 202009/23/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal905562-IM  E-Filing
192831729Simmons for City Council 202009/21/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal346507-AG  E-Filing
192783335Simmons for City Council 202009/18/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684906-MT  E-Filing
192726580Simmons for City Council 202009/16/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal905230-JM  E-Filing
192695570Simmons for City Council 202009/15/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal905413-IM  E-Filing
192689962Simmons for City Council 202009/15/2020FPPC 497LCR Amendment1684635-IM  E-Filing
192301567Simmons for City Council 202008/31/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684744-IM  E-Filing
192212974Simmons for City Council 202008/27/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684635-IM  E-Filing
192185105Simmons for City Council 202008/26/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684641-IM  E-Filing
192143798Simmons for City Council 202008/25/2020FPPC 497LCROriginal684302-LG  E-Filing