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191520087Brandman for City Council 201807/31/2020FPPC 460Original  ( 01/01/2020 to 06/30/2020 ) E-Filing
186013754Brandman for City Council 201801/31/2020FPPC 460Original  ( 07/01/2019 to 12/31/2019 ) E-Filing
181918481Brandman for City Council 201807/31/2019FPPC 460Original  ( 01/01/2019 to 06/30/2019 ) E-Filing
179496257Brandman for City Council 201803/21/2019FPPC 410 Amendment2   Paper
176635554Brandman for City Council 201802/11/2019FPPC 460 Amendment1  ( 10/21/2018 to 12/31/2018 ) E-Filing
176173318Brandman for City Council 201801/31/2019FPPC 460Original  ( 10/21/2018 to 12/31/2018 ) E-Filing
175547005Brandman for City Council 202201/02/2019FPPC 410Original   Paper
175546963Brandman for City Council 202201/02/2019FPPC 501Original   Paper
174719275Brandman for City Council 201811/06/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-26  E-Filing
174677738Brandman for City Council 201811/02/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-25  E-Filing
174655998Brandman for City Council 201811/01/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-24  E-Filing
174546440Brandman for City Council 201810/26/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-23  E-Filing
174531386Brandman for City Council 201810/26/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-22  E-Filing
174457678Brandman for City Council 201810/25/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-21  E-Filing
174476696Brandman for City Council 201810/25/2018FPPC 460Original  ( 09/23/2018 to 10/20/2018 ) E-Filing
174452874Brandman for City Council 201810/24/2018FPPC 497LCMOriginal18-20  E-Filing
174412011Brandman for City Council 201810/23/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-19  E-Filing
174360897Brandman for City Council 201810/19/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-18  E-Filing
174342839Brandman for City Council 201810/18/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-17  E-Filing
174204892Brandman for City Council 201810/11/2018FPPC 497LCROriginal18-15  E-Filing