1. The Advanced Search for Transaction Data searches all transactions electronically filed on Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) forms 401, 450, 460, 461, 465, 496, 497 and 498.
  2. Certain transactions from "late filed" or "supplemental filed" forms 465, 496, 497 and 498 will be displayed in these search results from each containing filing, and may appear to be duplicated. The "Filing ID" column will indicate the source of each reported transaction.
  3. For a complete download of all e-filed transactions, including all original and amended transactions, use the "Export E-Filed Data" function on the Search Home page.
  1. Download the following PDF file for information about how to perform advanced transaction searches:
    Syntax Rules

Advanced Search for Transaction Data

  • Transaction Name Search

    Search for specific Contributor, Vendor, Occupation, Employer and Intermediary Transactions.
    The name searches across all transaction name fields using rules shown in link below.
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  • Transaction Type: [?]
  • Hide transactions from amended filings?